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Three modern Australian bathroom ideas

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Sydney, homeowners are spoilt for choice, this is especially true with inspiration and ideas. There’s a possibility of becoming overwhelmed with all the inspiration that you have at your disposal. If you’re finding it difficult to pin down some ideas for your new bathroom, fear not. Here are some modern Australian bathroom ideas.

Free-standing bathtubs

Free-standing bathtubs have gained popularity in recent years, and this means that they can be incorporated into many different bathroom façades. For vintage looking bathrooms, a vintage-styled free-standing bathtub can be the eclectic looking centrepiece of the room. For more modern bathrooms, a sleek free-standing bathtub can blend into its surroundings and help bring the entire room together. This ability to incorporate free-standing bathtubs into any renovation makes it perfect for bathroom renovations in North Sydney; this is due to the collection of both old and new houses in the area.

Cantilevered vanity units

A cantilevered vanity unit is a vanity that is attached to a wall, rather than attached to the floor and the wall it stands up against, giving the impression that the vanity is levitating. Cantilevered vanity units are often very sleek, and will mostly consist of one colour or two contrasting colours such as white and black. These vanity units can lend their sleek, almost futuristic appearance to any bathroom, bringing a modern bathroom renovation together. Many cantilevered vanity units are used for bathroom renovations in Hornsby, for their sleek look, as well as the little space they take up makes them perfect for installations in small modern apartment bathrooms.

Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring can be used no matter the façade that you want for your bathroom. For those who want to maintain the vintage look that their bathroom has, darker wooden flooring can be used to either match or contrast the rest of the bathroom and provide a rustic look. For bathrooms with a more modern look, lighter wooden flooring can be used to reflect light, alongside the shades of white and polished concrete that is associated with more modern bathrooms. As a result, wooden flooring is perfect for bathroom renovations in Parramatta, as the area displays a range of houses dating back from before the Australian Federation to the present day.

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