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Three useful bathroom lighting ideas

For any room, be it the bathroom or the dining room, lighting is extremely important. Lighting can be used for safety purposes, mood lighting or just for illuminating the room. That’s why it’s very important to think about lighting when renovating your bathroom. We’re seeing some awesome new ways on incorporating lighting into bathroom renovations.


Skylights are a great way to bring some natural light into your bathroom. As they use natural light, they’re also a great way to save some money on electricity. Skylights are great for bathrooms that will be receiving a lot of natural light, either as a traditional skylight or as a solar skylight, which can save the energy from the sun to use for later. This makes them great for bathrooms that are exposed to the sun, as it allows them to capitalise on the natural light.


Downlights are named because they are designed to push light down toward the floor. The coverage which they have by doing this means that they are perfect as a discrete and incredibly effective light source. Their effectiveness in lighting a bathroom makes them perfect for bathrooms for either families or for elderly couples, as the light produced improves the quality of safety in the bathroom.

Light pendants

Pendant lighting is perfect for providing some mood lighting that can also illuminate the room effectively. Because of the various styles of pendant lights that are available, there are many different moods which can be expressed through the lighting in your bathroom. These various moods than can be expressed through pendant lighting makes them a good choice for anyone who wants to bring some mood lighting into their bathroom renovation.
Light pendants

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